Why I choose semantic-ui-react over other material-ui react frameworks

I recently tried with Semantic UI React and several Material UI React frameworks. Finally, I decided to use Semantic UI instead of Material UI in my react project.

There are several Material UI React projects like Material-UI, React-toolbox and React-MD. It seems that so many people want to make nice UI components based on the Google material design. At the same time, if you check the Github stars and contributors, many people put their effects into those and make the framework to be improved.



We need to find a CSS solution which is easy to develop, modern and fancy appearance and use ReactJS. Several team will follow the CSS look-and-feel theming and build the similar frontend projects.


Why not Material React

Material-UI v0.18.1

  • Most react components it provided mainly for mobile version, it’s so hard for me to build top-menu and set up a layout for a desktop version site.
  • Still, a lot of components is missing, and the community is still making the alpha release for v1.0.0, which I could not rely on the current version.
  • So many Github issues. (142 open bugs / 714 issues)

React Toolbox v2.0.0-beta.8

  • Bad support for theming strategy
  • Bad support for webpack 2, you need to setup some extra loader to use react-toolbox

React MD v1.0.14

  • Better than the other 2 material-ui related open source projects by far, but it’s small and newly born, not surely it will end up with the same situations or not.


Why Semantic UI v0.68.3


  • Semantic.min.css 93.2KB
  • Good documentation pages
  • Form, Input, dropdowns support quite well
  • Theming switching so easy, already providing several like Github/Amazon etc..  or we could generating the CSS build ourselves


  • Table pagination need more coding
  • Date/time picker need 3rd party libs
  • No CSS design guideline, if we want to build new components, things get complicated, or even simpler


I should say material-ui design is elegant. Buy to choose what kind of framework depends on what you need and which tech stack you use in your team. Semantic UI React also has some problems, we need to find the balance between solving those and and maintained for the future development.

And at last, really appreciated for those who created/contributed for those FE frameworks.


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